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Going green, eco-friendly, sustainable, or green living, however you choose to call it, is more than just a fashionable trend. It is a movement of like-minded citizens of earth, and it is taking hold across nations. It is an awakening to the real dangers posed by our wasteful way of life to our home planet.

Green and Simple Living Now

If you want to...

    simplify your life...

    lessen your impact on the planet...

    go green or get tips on living green...

    or learn about organic and eco-friendly choices...

    then stick around! will take you by the hand and invite you to start making real changes to your life. Changes for a simple living and green living lifestyle.

In my book, a choice for one is naturally a choice for the other.

Join me on my journey to a sustainable way of life in order that we may preserve for future generations this beautiful planet we call home.

Throughout this site you will find information about why we need to choose sustainability and how to do it.

preserve our natural environmentmake eco-friendly choices

It Really Is Easy

So how easy is going green and living simply? Very—if you're committed! All you have to do is...

Get informed...

Understand the dangers...

Find out how you can help...

Embrace the cause and you will never turn back...

From Personal Experience

As part of my conversion to green living, I decided to start bringing my own shopping bags to the grocery store. I can’t tell you how many times I would forget to bring them in. I’d get to the check out with my cart full of groceries and realize I’d left the bags in the car. Trust me, after several times of walking out of the store with a cart full of unbagged groceries and bagging them at my trunk, I started to remember.

And there’s always the awkwardness factor. When I started using my own bags, few if any people were doing it where I shop. I got some weird and confused looks when I said “neither”.

I still forget sometimes, but I’m not self-conscious anymore…

It takes real effort and courage to embrace going green. The good news is—you don’t have to do it all at once...Do what fits...Just start. Easy does it.

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